BuddhaBellies have all different designs and colors that inspire their given intentions. Each pair supports one or more chakras. BuddhaBellies are a tool to practice mindful living and positivity. Just how a Mala Bead necklace is used to practice meditation and the art of Mantras, BuddhaBellies are worn to remind the wearer what their intention is for that day. For instance the, “Third Eye Teal” BuddhaBellies’s intention is, “I can clearly see, hear, know and feel divine guidance”. This is to activate your Third Eye chakra and practice trusting your intuition. Another example I’d like to use are the “Peacock Royal Blue” BuddhaBellies’s intention which is, “I am open, clear and honest in my communication”.  If you tend to not express how you truly feel then this is to help open your throat chakra to promote honest communication.

I believe in affirmations because they helped transform my life. Every day, during my classes I invite my students to set an intention for the rest of their day or week. During the ending meditation, I invite them to repeat an affirmation. This is my way of inviting you to do the same. What makes BuddhaBellies so special is before they are delivered they are spiritually enhanced by using the practice of Reiki and their intention is infused into the fabric by the vibrations of me repeating their given affirmation or intention.