Hi everyone! My name is Danielle Freeman and I am a 500 Hour Yoga Sharer and Reiki Practitioner. My 200 Hour Yoga Training took place at The Kripalu Center of Yoga and Health and a few years later my advanced training took place in Bali with my Kripalu Teachers called the Shakti Initiation – Advanced Leadership Program for Women. I want to start off by saying prior to my yoga training I suffered from depression. I lacked a strong relationship with myself and because of this I was negative towards myself and those around me. It is important for me to express this because during my original training is when I learned compassion and positive self-talk. In my latter training I deeply explored the chakras and the power of affirmations.

BuddhaBellies are not only fashionable, comfortable and fun pants to wear but they are also tools for practicing spirituality. When I began practicing affirmations is when my mind began to be more positive naturally. It was like breathing for the first time and seeing how beautiful my life is. Nothing necessarily changed in my day to day life, the only thing that changed was my perspective. Through BuddhaBellies I am hoping to share the power of affirmation and to inspire a strong self-connection with your chakras. After my yoga training in Bali, I explored Thailand where I was inspired by their unique colorful pants. I noticed the designs expressed colors that are associated with the chakras. As I was wearing the colors of the chakras and having designs that expressed the complexity of spiritual energy, I felt more connected and alive as I made my way back home and had to integrate my new knowledge with my everyday life. This began as a personal experiment and then my yoga students started to inquire about my new wardrobe. A seed was planted. I came to after a few hours of deep rest and the thought of intention pants was sprouting through my mind like spring flowers. It was then, I decided to invest in a business that I truly believe will inspire.