BuddhaBellies very comfortable. Their intricate mandala inspired designs and carefully chosen bright and deep colors leave people in awe. The open and airy feel as you wear them is very soothing as you move about your daily activities including but not limited to; shopping, driving, yoga, sleeping, going out to a casual lunch or a nice dinner. I do not have to write much to convince you how fashionable and comfortable they look, they sell themselves just fine. It isn’t the quality in material that I want to focus on, but the increased quality of life they offer.

What I would like to educate you more on is the core reason as to why BuddhaBellies exists. They are intention pants that promote mindful living. As mindfulness becomes better known, the more we learn how much it increases our quality of life. Intentions, affirmations, meditation, energy, awareness, self-study and gratitude are all practices that deepen your connection with your higher self. As we transform the way we talk and treat ourselves and each other, it re-wires the brain to automatically respond in such a manner. Ultimately, creating more space for positivity and a deep appreciation for adversity.